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Jacek Piechota. Refleksje

Jacek Piechota. Refleksje. Wydanie I

Autor: Jacek Piechota
Rok: 1998
Tytuł: Refleksje
Uwagi: Debiut literacki
Wydawnictwo: Opta
ISBN ISBN 83-87253-10-3
Okładka: Okładka ksiażki
Tekst: Poniżej

Jacek Piechota. Refleksje. Wydanie II

Autor: Jacek Piechota
Rok: 1999
Tytuł: Refleksje
Uwagi: Wydanie drugie
Wydawnictwo: Opta
ISBN ISBN 83-88054-00-7
Okładka: Okładka książki
Tekst: Poniżej

Jacek Piechota. Reflections – Refleksje. Wydanie I dwujęzyczne

Autor: Jacek Piechota
Rok: 2001
Tytuł: Reflections – Refleksje
Uwagi: Pierwsze wydanie dwujęzyczne angielsko – polskie
Wydawnictwo: Opta
ISBN ISBN 83-88054-05-8
Tekst: Poniżej

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Your eyes
The universe
Enclosed in your pupils.
In their depths
Infinitely distant
Shining stars
That once
Weren’t there.
When they twinkle
I know
That you love.
And that love
Light up the stars.

(A poem reconstituted from memory,
an original has been probably lost.)

An album
Nothing much.
Just this lonely bench at the edge of the sea
Shaken by winds, lashed by rain
Revealing the inside –
Decaying wood –
Reminding that we were there once.
And only the faint trace of lips
On your pictures.
It’s just
An album
Nothing much.

(A poem reconstituted from memory,
an original has been probably lost.)

You don’t want to
And I can’t say anything.
You are silent.
I can’t stand it anymore.
Speak to me:
Before silence kills love
Speak to me:
Before darkness engulfs me.
Say something at last
If you don’t want
The next sound to be
The sound
Of a heart breaking.


At the bottom of my soul
Like in the core of a planet
Burning love
Sometimes exploding
In geysers of poetry.
And then – silence on the outside
But inside – a wild flame.
And only he
Who loves in sadness
Knows that hell can be
A fire burning from within.


I am a man
Strong and sturdy like a rock
When you told me: goodbye
I only shuddered.
But now
I’m afraid of the night
Because I know
That when I wake up
I’ll see the trace of tears on the pillows.
When morning dries them
I will again be
Strong and sturdy like a rock


An ordinary day
And suddenly a storm – you leave.
I know that today my world is coming to an end.
I plead: stay.
You refuse.
You leave.
I beg you: come back.
You do not.
You are far away.
At least tell me: why?
You used to love me, didn’t you?
You say nothing.
Night already?
No use for me here.
I too will go away into the twilight –
of perennial silence.


I’d like to be with you
I can’t
I’ve given you my soul
But my body –
chained by a promise
given to another before the face of God –
My soul – ripped apart like a rag
My body – now hollow and deceased
And only my wild heart
Still beating.
I believe that someday it will sound out
The time of meeting
So – I live on.
  To my daughter

You know
That one day, we will die
And you will stay.
But do not be afraid
You won’t be alone.
We’ve given you …
Our genes?
Our hearts?
We’ve given you our love
You are it’s fruit.
When it ripens
Unite it with another
And pass it on.


You’ve gone away.
All I have left is
Lonely nights
Filled with silence.
I also have
An empty home,

Where no one waits for me.
And this rope I have left
Hanging from the sealing –
– Ariadne’s thread
Showing the path to you
Through the land of eternal silence.


When I saw
Your huge eyes, aflame
Lips, thirsty
And your body shivering
I knew, that you will be mine
It was a sudden illness
A love flu
A sex-virus
Cupid’s arrow
Three days of oblivion.
Now, when I look again
At your huge eyes, aflame
Your lips, thirsty
And your body shivering
I know that it’s a lingering disease
Love leprosy
A nasty bacillus
Cupid’s revenge
Quarter of a century of oblivion.
Is there really no cure for this?


I am just
A little
Mountain flower
I grow
On nothing but rock
In the rain and cold
Pulled and pushed by the wind
My life is so short
That I have
No time
To dream.
I know
That I’ll die before long.
But still
When in the day
I absorb those few rays of sunlight
And at night, when I
Unfold my crown
To gaze at
The infiniteness of the universe
I believe
I’ll soon see
My Little Prince.
That’s when
My roots
Crush granite.


I’m a plant/human
One of God’s weeds
Usually quite useless.
But I do
Extend my head
Towards the Sun/God
To receive
Despite being
Because I am someone
On Earth/In God’s work.


You, who
Loves nature:
You see birds flying by.
You hear insects buzzing.
You sense the smell of lilies.
Do you see the thick smoke
Above the meadow?
Can you hear the
Death cries of creatures?
Do you feel the pain
Of blades of grass
Being crushed by human feet?
You, who
Loves man:
You look at us.
Do you see everything?
Is love always blind?


I wanted to be
The captain of a ship
Sailing on seas and oceans
Giving out orders
Where to head
When to throw the anchor
Roll out sails
Fight the storms.
To be the first
Who stands on the deck
And calls out
Land – on the horizon.
Saluting the crowds
When our gallant ship
Enters the docks.
To have the lives
Of the crew in my hands.
First after God
Last to abandon ship
When the time comes
When the one I loved
Left had left
I saw
How difficult it is
To be captain
Of the ship
Of one’s self
Across the sea of life.


At the crossing of infinity
The world of atoms and the cosmos
Stands a helpless man
His hand held by Mother-Earth.
Stuttering the first letter
Of the cosmic alphabet: E = mc².
He’s already been on his first walk
In the lunar park.
Now he’d like to see the whole world:
City – stars
Country – galaxies.
But first – a cosmic school.
A fail in cosmic ethics.
The teacher?
A little, green man.


We’re together
For so long –
But somehow apart.
I still remember
The soft touch of your hair
Not dried yet
In the wind.
I remember the woods moss
On which we laid our
Heads to shelter.
I remember the first kisses.
I also remember words
That I wanted to say to you.
My soul was singing.
My lips were silent.
With time
My soul silenced itself.
Only wild, passionate,
Unspoken words were left.
Can they be spoken today?
Can a sleeping soul be awoken?
And unearthed from the ashes
Can that fire
Be inflamed again?
We’ve been together
For so long.
Can we be
Together again?


I told you words
Like black thorn fruit.
Wrong and unnecessary.
I came home
Late at night
God knows where from
Without a kiss
To greet you.
I often saw
Tears of sadness
In your eyes.
I fought.
I hurt your heart.
I didn’t know of
The pain I’m inflicting
I realized
That out in the battlefield
There’s only
Our own


When I was young
I thought that life
Is a spiral of growth
For man to
Climb up on.
At middle age
I saw, that we are
Tied to the harness of life
Circling nonsensically
Falling occasionally under its blows.
Now, when I’ve become old
I think, that life
Is just a hellish machine
Used for grinding human meat
And separating
Those heavenly soft
Sinful characters
Intended for
Devils’ cutlets
From those terribly hard
And holy
Thrown out … into heaven.


The son of a man
Stood at the door of death.
He knew
That it is God’s will
For him to die
To redeem the world.
That his pain
Will serve a cause.
That he will rise
And live eternally.
Thousands of sons of man
Stand everyday
To face death
Drink their cup of sorrow
Why don’t you tell them anything


Across seas and oceans
Sails a phantom ship.
Nobody knows
Where it comes from
Or where it’s heading.
It appears abruptly
Circles here and there
Then disappears suddenly in the fog.
Leaving unrest
And fear of the unknown
In people’s hearts.
Appears on the sea of life
Like a phantom ship.
Throws himself about
Here and there.
When he stares in the face of death
Restlessness troubles his heart
And fear of the great unknown.
Then suddenly he disappears.
Leaving a trace
In human memory
Like the wake
Left by a passing
Phantom ship.


On a moonlit night
I stand in my window
I spread my wings
And fly out
To look for
Fresh blood.
From above I see:
Drug addicts
Girls infected with AIDS
With jaundice
People poisoned with
Sleeping pills
I meet thosev
Just before a stroke
With clots
Of disgusting fat in their veins.
Little babies
Fed milk
Whose blood
Is already
A deadly poison.
I see young vampires
Lead by craving
Crowding a nearby
Blood bank.
An old fashioned vampire
More often
Circle above the city
More and more often
I come home


I dreamt a dream.
In the paradise garden of Eden
A mill for refuse
A processor for grinding
Useless trash.
Passed through
The mill of life
Mercilessly crushing
And spitting out
Millions of human beings
A piece of refuse of
No use to anyone – Man
Is thrown onto
The Earth.
His mortal
Decaying body
Created the soil
On which
God’s crop sprouted.
The fruits –
human souls –
Would be so
Magnificent and gorgeous
If not for
The diabolical maggots
Eating them from the inside.


I dreamt a dream.
A horrible one.
In nature’s court.
The scream
Of a perishing world.
The pain
Of a dying Earth.
Of total
The mortal fright
Of millions
Of creatures
Prematurely passing away.
Transformed by people
Into one, great –
Temple of Doom.
To eternal screaming
I wander
With the other corpses
And everywhere I go
With the power of
The horns of Jericho
I yell:
That people
That the world
That it’s suffering
That it’s dying
That we must …
Let’s ride
No one is listening.


Late at night
I put the barrel
To my temple
I think
That if I were to find
Ten people
Whose eyes would glint
With a single teardrop
At the news of my death
I wouldn’t pull
The trigger.
Well maybe at least five?
At least two?
I know already
There’s just you.
When I wake up
I wish
For this to be true.


When late at night
You play the piano
I sit in my chair
And listen.
In the faint glow of the street lamps
That shines through the window
I see
Shadows gathering –
– the ghosts of musicians.
They say
That when someone plays
Like He did – the Master – W.A.M.*
Then God
Will stop time.
And afterwards
Create a new world.
He’ll separate sound from silence
And then he will command:
Let there be music.

*Wolfgang Amadeusz Mozart

Through the noisy crowd
The big city hubbub
Roaring cars
I – a man of success
Drive to my office.
Calm, confident.
I feel the strength of my wallet.
In the afternoon
Dinner at K.’s
In the evening
Girls, easy and beautiful
Cars, horse races, casino.
And only the Moon
That at night
Alone, I drink
To forget
About the tears in the eyes of
An old man –
– digging
In a trash can.


What will we tell the stars
When a flash
Brighter than a thousand suns
Appears above the Earth?
That people lost faith?
And what will we tell the Moon
When it shines
On a lifeless desert?
That people lacked heart?
And what will we tell the Sun?
That it’s time for extermination
Because we were short of
Two righteous people to
Operate the launch sequence?
And what will we tell God
When judgement day comes?
That we know now
That a world rid of love
Cannot exist?
And what if God answers
That He doesn’t believe in
Man anymore?


There may soon
Come a day
When a light
Brighter than the Sun
Will appear above the world
When it will already be too late
To perceive
God’s hand stretched out
Towards Man.
When the four elements
Given in Satan’s grasp
Will release their full force
On the day of the Apocalypse.
To build a shelter
You don’t need concrete.
Just a cloak of
A daily prayer.
A smile on the face of a child
That you’re sober today.
A tear shed
For your fellow man’s adversity
Which, when your time comes,
Will prove
That you
Were human.


Go by
And we’re still
By a mutual past
A Gordian
Matrimonial bond
Tangled in love
Like Siamese twins
Connected – at the heart.


I don’t know
How much you’ve gone through in your life.
Maybe your heart is a rock.
Maybe it feels no mercy.
But what if
Like steel overly tempered
It breaks early
Because there was no love in it?
It is springtime.
Primroses are blooming.
The world is coming to life.
Wake along with it – to love.


What is a man
If not a God’s breath
Wrapped in a body?
A part of infinity
A mind, a heart, and senses?
What is a soul
If not a God’s spark
Which – thrown onto raw clay –
Ought to create
Fine porcelain
Sounding with a subtle ring
Of love, art, music, and beauty?
Which burned in the hell
Of everyday life
So often
– Breaks


It’s just
An ordinary day
Hopeless like the others.
And you
Known to me for years
And suddenly
In my chest
A throb
And then
My heart beating wildly
Beating out
Your name.
You look at me questioningly
Has something happened?
I don’t know.
It’s only her,
She that never returns –
She came back
And again –
Are most important to me.